Netflix Comedy Shows You Need to Watch

When things get too stressful and you can’t figure out what to do about it, one of the best things that you can consider doing is to put on some Netflix and binge-watch some of the best comedy shows you can find there. Firstly, you need to make sure your internet is fast enough to stream all your favorite content flawlessly, so we would suggest that you consider getting Spectrum Internet because of how brilliantly it performs. 

Once you figure out which internet connection you should get for yourself, you should head on to binging the funniest shows on Netflix.

Here are some suggestions that you should look into since they are some of the best shows to ever air on Netflix:

Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Who knew even being a cop would be such a fun job? That is exactly what Brooklyn Nine-Nine is all about. It revolves around the fictional 99th precinct in Brooklyn which has Captain Raymond Holt as the commanding officer, Sergeant Terry Jeffords, and the detectives include Jake Peralta as the main character alongside Amy Santiago, Charles Boyle, Rosa Diaz, Hitchcock, and Scully. The best part about the show is that the dynamic every colleague has with one another is more like family than co-workers. Jake, the lead character played by Andy Samberg, is a brilliant detective but is also very immature at the same time.

It’s the one-liners and modern jokes that make the show really interesting to watch. At the same time, the show also tends to bring up social issues and tries talking about them as well. What’s sad is that the show ended with 8 seasons but that doesn’t mean you can’t still watch it. 



Undeniably one of the most popular sitcoms of all time. Friends started back in 1994 and even today, the show is just as popular as it was all those years ago. The theme of the show is pretty self-explanatory due to the name. The show is about six friends, Joey, Ross, Chandler, Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe as they live in New York and face the biggest midlife crisis they could ever experience. The show even highlights how each of them always has each other’s backs and how they hold each other close to themselves. 

Not only is the show funny but it also tends to get emotional as well. There are moments when we find ourselves laughing so hard that we’re in stitches while in other moments things get so emotional that we usually find ourselves teary-eyed. One thing that makes the show very interesting to watch is how relatable the show tends to get, the problems that each of them faces are the kind of problems that we would face in our lives as well. There are also people who have binged the show so much that they can quote each episode word for word. 

The Good Place

the good place

Another brilliant show that was created by Michael Schur, the same mastermind who also created Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The Good Place is also an amazing comedy show that you need to watch. It is about a woman named Eleanor who believes she led a very morally corrupt life but after she dies, she finds herself in a heaven-like state called “The Good Place” while its hellish counterpart is called “The Bad Place”. Eleanor believes she was destined for the Bad Place and it was some mix-up that led to her ending up in the Good Place. 

In a turn of events, Eleanor figures out that in order to stay at the Good Place, Eleanor needs to make sure that she doesn’t slip up and needs to keep up the good girl act so that she isn’t kicked out of the Good Place. 

Schitt’s Creek


Imagine being insanely rich and then one day you go broke, making you have to sell everything you own. That is the plot of Schitt’s Creek in which a family ends up in a town that they bought as a joke only because it had a funny name. After being rich for so many years, the Rose family goes broke and they shift to the town of Schitt’s Creek because they have nowhere else to go. Not only is the show great from a comedic perspective but it also shows how important it is for family to stick together no matter how hard things may get. The show also had brilliant character development for all of the characters and the sweetest thing is when the Rose family resents everyone in the town but eventually they form a family-like bond with everyone in the town. 

Wrapping Up

These are some of the best comedy shows that you need to binge on Netflix. Even though these are our suggestions, you can give them a shot and see for yourself if they’re good or not.
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