5 Simple Mehndi Designs for Last Minute Rush!

Mehndi ,in India, is associated with positive spirits and good luck. Indian festivals moods are incomplete without mehndi ceremony. Its mostly applied by women’s and nowadays by men also with an emotion to showcase their love and care for their beloved like while celebrating Karvachauth. Designs applied by men are simple.

Indian weddings tradition calls for a Mehndi ceremony to be held the night before the wedding as a way of wishing the bride good health and prosperity as she makes her journey on to marriage. Wedding mehndi’s come in various designs and patterns which are decided by people over their taste and style.

Mehndi Application Technique:

By Hand :

Mehndi’s are majorly applied by hand by craftsmen through cones. Craftsmen have the technique and design built in their minds which are applied over the hands / legs of the consumer during festive seasons. It involves good amount of time for applying mehndi approximately around 2-4 hrs. People sit together, review designs, make changes according to their taste and choices and put in lot of suggestions to make their experience lively and memorable. Old traditional saying is “mehndi should be darker – the better”

By Stencils:

Quick & simple mehndi designs anyone can easily create using stencils:

Floral Patterns stencils:

Floral designs are versatile and quick to create using stencils. Choose floral stencil patterns and arrange them in a cluster on the hand or arm. You can create a bouquet effect by overlapping different floral stencils.

Geometric Patterns stencils:

Geometric designs such as squares, triangles, and diamonds are simple and quick to apply with stencils. Arrange geometric stencils in a repetitive pattern or create a geometric border along the edges of the hand or arm.

Peacock Feathers stencils:

Peacock feather designs are popular in mehendi art and can be easily created using feather-shaped stencils. Arrange the feather stencils in a fan-like pattern along the arm or incorporate them into a larger design.

Mandala Designs stencils:

Mandala stencils make it easy to create intricate circular designs quickly. Place a mandala stencil in the center of the hand or arm and fill in the surrounding space with smaller stencil patterns or freehand designs.

Henna Bands stencils:

Henna bands or bracelets are simple yet stylish designs that can be created using stencil strips. Place the stencil strips around the wrist or forearm to create a band-like effect, and add small accent designs or dots for detail.

Mehndi stencils are readily available over online stores such as Amazon etc.

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