mifibe Psyllium Fiber Capsules – 525 mg each capsule – 300 capsules – Excellent source of fibre made from naturally sourced Plantago ovata – helps suppress appetite, aids in lowering cholesterol and eases constipation …

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mifibe psyllium husk capsules are an excellent fibre supplement that can be included in your nutrition regimen and consumed regularly as part of a healthy diet. Known benefits of psyllium fibre include: 1. Psyllium Can Relieve Constipation 2. May Help Treat Diarrhea 3. Can Lowers Blood Sugar Levels 4. Can Boosts Satiety and Aid Weight Loss 5. Helps Lower Cholesterol Levels 6. Can be Good for Your Heart WHAT IS PSYLLIUM FIBRE Psyllium husk, a naturally sourced dietary fibre originating from plantago ovata, is the source of both soluble and insoluble fibre in mifibe dietary supplements. Naturally sourced psyllium works differently because it gels in your digestive system, providing multiple benefits for your overall health.

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