Grandpa Beck’s Skull King

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It’s harrowing high-seas hijinx with every turn of the carrrrds! Each hand, bid on how many battles ye think ye can win. High numbers beat low, Pirates beat high, and the dread Skull King captures them all. Even earn bonuses for seizing opponents’ good cards with your great ones. Maneuver well and treasure awaits, but a busted bid means yer points’ll be plundered. A few rounds of ruthless piracy and you’ll be hooked! If You Like Strategy Games, You’ll Love These Pirates! The 68 cards provide a depth of options for years of intriguing play. The Pirate cards trump all numbered cards. There are five pirate cards in the deck, and they can be played on any turn, regardless of what card was played first. The Skull King is invincible and will always win the trick. Of the four Suits, the Jolly Roger is the most powerful. If a Suit card is the leading card in the round, all players must “follow suit” and play the same color if they have it. It Takes More Than Luck To Win This Game! Use the Escape card to avoid winning too often. The tricky Tigress may be played as either a Pirate or an Escape card. After 10 rounds, the player with the highest score wins the game. An exciting card game where any hand can be a winning hand…if you play your cards right! It takes more than luck, scheme and skulk like a true pirate and win!

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