Egrow 20Pcs/Pack Morning Glory Seeds Heavenly Blue Flowers Gardening Path Decorations

Description : Egrow 20Pcs/Pack Morning Glory Seeds Heavenly Blue Flowers Gardening Path Decorations Refreshing, sky blue flowers add color to the garden from midsummer to fall. This annual, quick-growing vine with heart-shaped leaves is a great choice for covering trellises and fences. It can also be used as a ground cover or spilling over a rock wall like a waterfall. Morning glory vines are treasured for their fast growth, tolerance of poor soils and gorgeous flowersand this variety doesn’t disappoint. Butterflies and hummingbirds love it. To encourage continuous blooms for months, remove faded flowers. This annual flower grows best in full sun. Seeds can be directly sown into the soil or started indoors 6-8 weeks before transplanting. Grows 6-12 ft. tall. Specifications : Quantity : 20 pcs Germination time : 15-25 days For germination temperature : 18-25 Celsius. Package : 1 OPP Simple Packaging Applications : Balcony, garden, living room, study, windows, office, etc. How To Grow The Seeds? Firstly, loose the soil and then put your seeds in the soil in 0.3-0.5cm of soil, note that do not put them so deep and close in the soil. Secondly, check whether the temperature is fit for sowing these seeds in order to make sure they will grow. The best temperature is 18-25degrees. Thirdly, water these seeds, but not too often, once or twice a day. Finally, keep the soil moist and make them under the sun. They usually need 15 to 25 days to grow, so please wait patiently. Tips : Soaked in warm water for 8 hours before planting will be better if the seeds is over 0.5mm. Because the seeds are in dormant state and need to absorb enough water to germination. Package Includes : 1 x Egrow 20 Pcs Blue Morning Glory Seeds

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