7cm Stainless Steel Tea Strainer Wire Mesh Traditional Filter Sieve Spoon Handle

Description : 7cm Stainless Steel Strainer with Stainless Steel Mesh 1.Filter the sand. 2.For sludge, residue. 3.Filter soybean milk. (reminder: put a layer of gauze filter Soybean Milk, in a colander above filtering effect will be better.) 4.Salt fried peanuts, melon seeds, pepper, pepper and so on, used to filter the salt inside. 5.Avoid hands with water, can prevent dry skin. 6.Wash sesame seeds, filter out the small sand and dust inside. 7.Make wine filter inside the skin. 8.Soak medicated wine to filter the dregs in it Specification : Material Stainless Steel Mesh Color Silver Weight 25g Length 19.2cm Diameter 7cm Package Includes : 1 x Stainless Strainer

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