Crossfit Tension Resistance Band Exercise Loop Strength Training Fitness

Features: Can effectively improve muscle strength, physical mobility and flexibility. Improve athletic performance, to help treating a variety of chronic diseases. When you pull the elastic band from the beginning, the longer you pull,the bigger resistance you will get it. The size of elastic band is in charge of the muscle strength. Description: Color: Red, Green, Purple (different color is in different resistance band level and dimensions) Material: Latex. Resistance Band Color Resistance Band Level Dimensions Red Light 61cmx1.27cm Purple Medium 61cmx2.06cm Green Medium/Heavy 61cmx2.86cm Package Include: 1 X Tension Resistance Bands How to use: Training for 2 to 3 groups, each group of training repeat 8 to 12 times. Take elastic band fixed on the fixed object of the ground, then form a ring. Lie on the training mat, keep the knees bending. Elbow straight and do sit-ups moves upwards, the shoulder blade off the ground Keep on and continue to do this exercise.

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